“Believe me, it’s better to produce the balance sheet of your own life than that of the grain market.” Seneca, On the Brevity of Life.


During the period of lockdown, our concept of time seemed paradoxical. On the one hand, whiling away the days at home, hoping for a sign that things might return to ‘normal’ again soon (whether ‘soon’ meant in less than a year’s time or not), it could feel that time was dragging. We took the opportunity to indulge ourselves in pursuits and pleasures that we didn’t ‘normally’ find the time for.


On the other hand, for many time can seem very short and fleeting – particularly if they are struck down with illness or spend most of their time caring for those that are ill, day in, day out.


In either case, don’t put off the moment to look inwardly at your own life, devoid of the pleasures or distractions around you that seem to demand your immediate and constant attention. Take stock of what is important to you, what you value, today, in this moment. For no-one knows how many more moments you might have.

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