Time to think…about what you really believe in

“When the standards have been set, things are tested and weighed. And the work of philosophy is just this, to examine and uphold the standards, but the work of a truly good person is in using those standards when they know them.” Epictetus, Discourses.

It can sometimes be difficult to live by the standards you set yourself. Conversely, it can often be frustratingly easy to let your standards drop and accept behaviour that you later regret (think about mid-February, when the New Year Resolutions soon become a tired-out novelty). Time spent thinking about why certain things are important to you is seldom wasted: having this crystal clear in your mind when the temptation to do the opposite comes calling will help you overcome the urge for instant gratification. Be true to yourself and reap your own reward in the fullness of time.

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