“So, concerning the things we pursue, and for which we vigorously exert ourselves, we owe this consideration – either there is nothing useful in them, or most aren’t useful. Some of them are superfluous, while others aren’t worth that much. But we don’t discern this and see them as free, when they cost us dearly.”
Seneca, Moral Letters


What happens to the things we buy when they no longer serve the purpose they were originally intended for? Are they recycled, re-used or disposed of? Or do we tend to hang onto them for emotional reasons? How much ‘space’ in our physical and psychological lives is taken up by things to which we allocate value and importance? When the next best thing comes along – a better phone, car, house – do we stop to consider whether we really need it, when what we already need we probably already have? Another key to another door that leads to freedom…or entrapment by our emotional needs?