“I don’t complain about the lack of time…what little I have will go far enough. Today – this day – will achieve what no tomorrow will fail to speak about. I will lay siege to the gods and shake up the world.”
Seneca, Medea


Seize the day! Don’t procrastinate! Don’t waste away your time every day making endless ‘to do’ lists of all the long-term projects that will take more than a day each to get going. Act now and make progress with at least one thing, no matter how small. And like a link in your chain of new discipline, make it a habit to achieve something every day. While deliberate multi-tasking is a distraction and a wasteful allocation of resources, you can still sub-consciously process problems, challenges and goals while doing something completely different, such as walking, cooking or tidying up the garden. Make actual progress with one worthwhile project today instead of no progress with lots of worthwhile ideals.


And if damp, dull and dreary January is getting you down, here’s a small thought: every day this week, you have 1-2 minutes more daylight each and every day. By the end of January, this increase in daylight time will be as much as 4 minutes every day. Think about that and plan to use it wisely…which includes simply admiring the world around you.