“Just as the nature of rational things has given to each person their rational powers, so it also gives us this power – just as nature turns to its own purpose any obstacle or any opposition, sets its place in the destined order, and co-opts it, so every rational person can convert any obstacle into the raw material for their own purpose.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.


Hypothetical thinking can be very powerful for times when we believe that the obstacles that lie ahead of us are insurmountable. “Imagine you have crossed over this tree trunk and reached the left-hand bank. What advice would you shout back to the next person to cross over?” The answer generated comes solely from your own brain – from experience or imagination. Just thinking it out serves as a rehearsal for going ahead and actually doing it.


Don’t allow yourself to be immediately overwhelmed and subdued by the obstacles you face. Keep a calm mind and remember that from this adversity comes education.