“Show me that the good life doesn’t consist in its length, but in its use, and that it is possible – no, entirely too common – for a person who has had a long life to have lived too little.” Seneca, Moral Letters


How quickly the day passes! Perhaps much of that speed in passing is down to our own desire to know what’s next – be that born out of insatiable curiosity or worry about what the future might bring. We habitually check our inboxes for new emails that may have arrived in the ten minutes since we last checked, or pick up our smartphones to look for messages or missed calls, and whilst ‘there’ check the news sites in case something else has happened.


And here is the news: ‘You’ve just missed the breadth of your life!’ In this day – through all your distractions and rushing around looking out for something and nothing in particular – the spectacle of your life in the here and now has gone forever.


The New Economics Foundation’s principles for wellbeing recommend that we connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give. Stop for a moment today and take notice what life is giving you every moment of every day.