“Turn it inside out and see what it is like – what it becomes like when old, sick, or prostituting itself. How short-lived the praiser and praised, the one who remembers and the remembered. Remembered in some corner of these parts, and even there not in the same way by all, or even by one. And the whole earth is but a mere speck.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.


You are unique. There is no-one else like you. No-one truly understands what it is like to be you and the way that you interpret the world around you. That interpretative analysis itself is unique. If you accept that premise, then it follows that everyone else also sees the world in their own unique and therefore different way. Their ‘angle’ is different to yours.


While you can never truly experience the world the way others do, you can try by seeing things from a different angle – spatially, temporally and sociologically. ‘What was it like back then?’ ‘What are people going through today?’ ‘What hopes and fears do people have about the future?’ ‘What did that coffee mean for me at the time of drinking?’

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