Time to think…about it all being equal in the end

“Both Alexander the Great and his mule-keeper were both brought to the same place by death – they were either received into the all-generative reason, or scattered among the atoms.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.

Sooner or later we’re going to come to the end of our lives, and then we’ll all be equal. Worry not about how people will think of you after your days on earth are over: you have zero control over that. Just remember that sobering fact when you are feeling a little down on your luck, or, conversely, getting perhaps a little too smug or big for your boots.

Soon our existence will be forgotten – like so many before us – and any footprints we leave behind quickly obscured by the sands of time blown by the eternal wind.

I sometimes wonder how I would like my passing to be marked at my funeral. I have no real wishes other than for the wake to take place in a bar that is big enough, that serves decent beer and has enough staff on duty to serve those who come along to see me off that day. There’s nothing worse than slow service in a pub – except for slow service in a pub when you’re at a funeral!

This too shall pass. Make the most of the time you do have in the here-and-now. Photo by Keith Hardy on Unsplash.