“When your sparring partner scratches or head-butts you, you don’t then make a show of it, or protest, or view him with suspicion or as plotting against you. And yet you keep an eye on him, not as an enemy or with suspicion, but with a healthy avoidance. You should act this way with all things in life. We should give a pass to many things with our fellow trainees. For, as I’ve said, it’s possible to avoid without suspicion or hate.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.


View things objectively for what they are – but invest no needless emotion in them. Have ready your logical, measured response. Snakes and spiders, although potentially dangerous, need not arouse irrational fear because of what they are. Observe them from a position of safety and admire them for their natural beauty. Respect your values and opinions: it’s fine to like some things and not others, especially when you’ve reviewed them objectively and unemotionally.

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