Time to think…about futile emotions getting in the way of change

“Are you angry when someone’s armpits stink or their breath is bad? What would be the point? Having such a mouth and such armpits, there’s going to be a smell emanating. You say, “they must have sense, can’t they tell how they are offending others?” Well, you have sense too, congratulations! So, use your natural reason to awaken theirs, show them, call it out. If the person will listen, you will have cured them without useless anger. No drama nor unseemly show required.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.

Emotions prompt us to take action: do something to change the situation. What if you have no control over the situation? Allowing your emotions to dictate the moment is like continually pressing the button for a lift in the belief that the more times you press it, the greater the likelihood that the lift will arrive right away. It’s not in your control.

What difference can you make, if you cannot control the situation? Use the moment rationally and calmly to influence change. Be the catalyst; call it out, but calmly and with dignity. No need for you too to sweat the small stuff.