Time to think…about feeding your fears

“Hecato says cease to hope and you will cease to fear. The primary cause of both these ills is that instead of adapting ourselves to present circumstances, we send out thoughts too far.” Seneca, Moral Letters.

When surrounded by bad news of trauma and strife, it’s easy to understand how and why we indulge in the sort of thinking that sucks us into dark places. “What if…” questions are served by emotionally-laden answers in the interests of our survival.

Rather than stress ourselves by thinking this way, try to answer the question with an “if, then…” statement of your intention. “If this were to happen to me, then this is what I will be ready to do.”

And then get on with living your life in the moment. Start by helping someone else who might feel this way too.

Photo by Pavel Brodsky on Unsplash.

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