“Let Fate find us prepared and active. Here is the great soul – the one who surrenders to Fate. The opposite is the weak and degenerate one, who struggles with and has a poor regard for the order of the world, and seeks to correct the faults of the gods rather than their own.” Seneca, Moral Letters


Yesterday’s post was to do with luck – good and bad – and accepting that events that are not in your control and that are difficult to predict constitute ‘luck’. To what lengths will you go to try and influence the course of events, or to predict what might happen, with regards to things that are not in your control? You can spend your time (and money) on other’s advice, be they real human beings (a ‘guru’ perhaps?) or an amusement arcade machine.


In the end there remains the truth: the action you choose to take is up to you. Better to spend time on what you can control and to accept gracefully the role of external events – of fate – on our lives. In the words of Bobby McFerrin – “Don’t worry! Be happy!”