“Our soul is sometimes a king, and sometimes a tyrant. A king, by attending to what is honourable, protects the good health of the body in its care, and gives it no base or sordid command. But an uncontrolled, desire-fuelled, over-indulged soul is turned from a king into that most feared and detested thing – a tyrant.”
Seneca, Moral Letters.


How clearly can you see your own boundaries between pain and pleasure? What things do you know you crave, but perhaps regret them later when you have over-indulged or played your hand too strongly?


In work performance, there comes a point where the behavioural strengths that brought us success in our early days become the source of our disappointment and potential downfall when overdone. These strengths become weaknesses. Self-reliance and diligence, fuelled by fear of failure, become micromanagement and mistrust of others – the classic inability to delegate.


How can you manage these impulses? By taking time to recognise what is and what is not in your control – and planning accordingly.