“Some people are sharp and others dull; some are raised in a better environment, others in worse, the latter, having inferior habits and nurture, will require more by way of proof and careful instruction to master these teachings and to be formed by them – in the same way that bodies in a bad state must be given a great deal of care when perfect health is sought.” Musonius Rufus, Lectures.


How helpful is it to lose your temper, your patience and your willingness to engage with someone whose behaviour frustrates you? How quick are we to label someone negatively when we find our own emotional need for acceptance is being violated? If someone asks you to repeat yourself three times, do you lose your patience and label them stupid or difficult?


How would it feel for you to be in the other’s shoes?


Respond intelligently even to what appears to be unintelligent treatment. Think about what is different. Mind the gap.