“Drama, combat, terror, numbness and subservience – every day these things wipe out your sacred principles, whenever your mind entertains them uncritically or lets them slip in.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.


How quickly your core principles and values – your purpose or raison d’être – come to you when in the heat of the moment will determine how you react and respond. Learn to see things for what they are by being able to take a step back to be objectively critical. A good starting point is after the moment, when what has happened cannot be undone: you can have all the time in the world to reflect and to devise better ways of reacting and responding in readiness for the next time. But if you do not take the time to reflect, do not rehearse and practise your responses, then you leave yourself at the mercy of the power of the moment.


Your mind is a muscle: flex it whenever you have the opportunity. What if you did…?