“When it comes to money, where we feel our clear interest, we have an entire art where the tester uses many means to discover the worth…just as we give great attention to judging things that steer us badly. But when it comes to our ruling principle, we yawn and doze off, accepting any appearance that flashes by without counting the cost.” Epictetus, Discourses.


How valid, accurate and truthful are the thoughts and decisions you make every day? How much time do you take to stop and think about them: the judgement you made about someone or something that led to positive or negative regard? How often do you get it wrong and how wrong are you?


You’re more likely to check that the change you are given is correct and contains no counterfeit notes or coins than you are to question, examine and scrutinise the thoughts you regularly have. You take things ‘at face value’. Start now: ask yourself, ‘to what extent is that true of me?’

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