Team Building: strengthening your core identity

The strong trunk that holds all the branches together

A powerful approach to improving team performance is the TRIBE method, which was developed by the Centre for Team Excellence in conjunction with the University of Sussex and is based on their research into top-performing teams (including Team GB Women’s Hockey 2016 Olympic Gold Medal-winning team and the Royal Marines).

Their research has shown that the stronger the team identity, the greater the team performance. They identified five significant predictors of a strong team identity:

  • Tradition – what is the golden thread that holds us together?
  • Relevance – how meaningful is what we do today?
  • Identity – what makes us different and distinctive?
  • Belonging – what is the glue that bonds us together?
  • Effectiveness – how good are we at what we do?

I am a trained TRIBE workshop facilitator and I can lead these potential-maximising workshops with you and your team. The end product of a workshop (virtual and remote as well as in-person) is the creation of a ‘TRIBE Canvas’ – a visual representation of what makes your team great and where it can improve. This simple output becomes a living document, reminding you of what it is your team does that helps it perform at its best and what actions you can take to maximise its potential. Click on the image link to see an example of a TRIBE canvas.

The second link gives you an example of what a TRIBE team identity workshop programme could look like – how many sessions, what does each cover and over what period of time. Please note that this is just an example: the programme design will likely vary depending on what emerges from your exploration of how your team identity impacts on your team’s performance.