Keynote Talks

Spreading the word more widely

Sometimes the best way to sow the seed of personal and interpersonal change is to introduce it in a non-threatening medium: rather than mandating people to attend ‘compulsory’ skills training, they can be invited and encouraged to be open to new ideas and to try them out for themselves. A keynote or conference is one way of reaching a wider audience and raising their awareness.

I tend to shy away from the label ‘motivational speaker’ and instead prefer ‘speaker on motivation’ as it is motivation and change that I like to talk about. Motivation can cause us to do things that are not in our long-term interest. I tell it as it is. Motivation covers a wide range of subjects and can focus on specific issues, such as motivation and mindset, wellbeing and healthy habits, and psychological safety and leadership.

The pandemic has changed the traditional mode for keynote talks, namely the in-person conference, complete with its complimentary lanyard and goodie-bag of promotional material. In the same way that teams across the world have continued to operate using video conferencing, so too have conference organisers been able to recreate as closely as possible a conference’s knowledge-sharing and networking experience virtually.

The left-hand image link takes you to excerpts of a talk I gave earlier in 2021 for a professional services firm’s group conference. The right-hand link opens up one of my short podcasts on confidence.