How do you do what you do?

I help people to put their challenges into perspective

Making sense of the world around us – finding meaning – depends on the situation. Context is everything. Understanding and awareness can be enhanced from the moment the first question is asked:

"What do you want to achieve?"

Perhaps a natural follow-on from this is a question that seeks to satisfy the inquisitive mind:

"Where are you now?"

At once, perspective begins to form, as our thoughts work on points of difference. Other key questions address perspective in the domain of social existence:

"Who are you?"
"Who do you need to work with?"

As perspective develops through conversation about perceptions of time and achievement, the self, and others, choices that maximise potential for performance become more apparent. Together we identify which choices are possible, select which are probable, and draw up plans to implement them.


Discussing challenges in different timeframes effectively reduces the vigilant focus on the here-and-now. With less pressure to decide on a plan of action immediately, calmness can grow, bringing with it better thinking. A virtuous cycle begins.


This basic perspective-forming approach underpins my work at all levels, be that individual executive coaching, team effectiveness facilitation, or organizational culture workshops. It also forms the core of my training workshops in stress and resilience management, effective communication and managing difficult relationships.