Facilitation: finding a way through

What lies beyond the misty dark wood?

Having your team meeting guided by someone experienced in humble enquiry and facilitation techniques allows you to identify, define and address some of your most challenging problems in an effective and time-efficient manner.

While it is a human emotional need to feel that we can find our own solutions to our problems, or to overcome those of other people’s making, this very urge can cause us to override our ability to think logically, clearly and unemotionally.

Stepping back from the problem, listening to different perspectives, and calmly weighing up the possible and probable future options open to you can leave you and your team feeling not only competent and on top of things, but also relieved to have reached some agreed next step without too much unwanted emotion! 

I can design facilitated workshops for in-person or virtual meetings, or a hybrid of the two.

There are pros and cons to both in-person and virtual team facilitation. Being present and together allows the human connection that cannot be replicated virtually. Trust can develop from familiarity with others.

Virtual facilitation provides team members with the opportunity to be anonymous, which is particularly useful when seeking active and open feedback about contentious or sensitive issues that might under ‘normal’ circumstances be difficult to elicit.

It’s all about psychological safety. By using technology such as Mural (watch the short demo on YouTube by clicking on the image) with breakout rooms in video conferencing, I can design a workshop for you that maximises participation and helps to build psychological safety.

Online survey platforms such as Mentimeter are versatile tools for gathering anonymous input.