Finding your guiding light

Coaching aims to maximise potential for performance by reducing interference

Interference can be both external and internal. Clausewitz called external interference ‘friction’ and it includes the totality of ‘uncertainties, errors, accidents, technical difficulties and the unforeseen and their effect on decisions, morale and action’. The latter three are forms of internal interference, manifesting themselves in individuals and teams – the way we feel, think and behave. The negative result of friction is an unstable mind.


I help individuals to find a way of getting over their challenges by guiding their thinking through three stages: what is the purpose or end goal that they want to achieve, what next steps could they plan to take now, and how will they measure and react to their progress, be that a positive step forward or another frustrating setback? This P3 Method® has been developed by Face Value and is based on research into the neuroscientific effects on the brain of manipulating thinking between distant, abstract end goals and closer, concrete, actual next steps. The net result is calmer, more balanced, logical reflection followed by action.


I offer both coaching packages and one-off sessions. A ‘standard’ package consists of 6 hour-long sessions spread out at intervals of 3-4 weeks. These can be conducted remotely by phone or video conference, or face-to-face when conditions permit. For coaching for leadership development, see my Leadership Development page.

My one-off coaching service is called 60 Minute Solutions ® and is specially designed to help individuals take their next steps in overcoming challenges and ‘friction’. As its name suggests, the aim is to find a solution in just one hour-long coaching session and not a series of sessions. It is derived from a psychotherapeutic approach called a ‘drop-in clinic’ and is particularly suitable for individuals who are time-poor and who prefer to manage their own challenges, but would benefit from assistance. Click the 60 Minute Solutions logo for more information.

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