Who benefits from Face Value services?

Leaders, teams and whole organizations can learn how to think better

To my mind, the role of the leader is to make simple and clear what needs to be done, to promote the skills and experience of every team member, and to allow the team to develop initiative and interdependence in a safe and supportive environment.

When the team is not calm, the executive functioning of our brains is reduced, impacting our capacity for logical thinking. The ensuing loss of perspective results in distorted thinking and increases the risk of overlooking facts, fine detail and the bigger picture.

A lack of credible options for action can add to a sense of powerlessness, or a hubristic over-confidence in the validity of one option. Even mild stress in adults can have a rapid and dramatic impact on executive function, affecting creativity, flexible problem-solving and working memory. Who does the team look to in times like these? The leader.

To maximise your team's potential for performance, start by assessing your own leadership ability and style:

What is it you want to achieve? Who are you? Who do you need to interact with?

This process of self-awareness-raising can be usefully and reliably informed by using the Hogan Development Survey, a psychometric instrument that assesses dysfunctional behaviours that can lead to executive derailment.

A powerful approach to improving team performance is the TRIBE method, which was developed by the Centre for Team Excellence in conjunction with the University of Sussex and is based on their research into top-performing teams (including Team GB Women’s Hockey 2016 Olympic Gold Medal-winning team and the Royal Marines). Their research has shown that the stronger the team identity, the greater the team performance. They identified five significant predictors of a strong team identity:

  • Tradition – what is the golden thread that holds us together?
  • Relevance – how meaningful is what we do today?
  • Identity – what makes us different and distinctive?
  • Belonging – what is the glue that bonds us together?
  • Effectiveness – how good are we at what we do?

I am a trained TRIBE workshop facilitator and I can lead these potential-maximising workshops with you and your team. The product is the 'TRIBE Canvas' - a visual representation of what makes your team great and where it can improve.