Getting all fired-up...

Lasting anything from 20 minutes for a short and energising kick-off to a team event, to 45-90 minutes for a more-involved and interactive keynote talk, and with audiences ranging in size from 20 to over 800 delegates at a global conference, we can tailor a talk for your event and audience.

The typical basic aim of a talk is to introduce the concept of two independent-thinking brains (emotional and logical), to raise awareness of emotional needs and their accompanying sensations, and to offer practical techniques for gaining perspective quickly for oneself and for a team of colleagues.

Understanding how and why we feel, think and behave in the ways we do is fundamental to working effectively with managing change and uncertainty, reducing stress and building resilience, mastering your motivation, managing risk and communicating assertively, amongst other common themes and topics we are often asked to talk about.

For an example of a talk, click here to watch a 16-minute TED-like talk delivered at the Risky Business Conference in September 2014.