Engaging the whole team

Face Value offers facilitation services, where workshops and other training interventions do not provide the required level of scrutiny to tackle a group issue. A guided workshop is designed to help a team or group to address a specific but often undefined challenge or issue, using the principles of two independent-thinking brains.

For example, a presenting issue could be ‘How do we reduce stress in the business and help people to feel that they are truly appreciated for doing the best they can?’ The first questions to arise – in order to put things into perspective – include:

  • where is the stress and what causes it?
  • how significant is the stress? What are the consequences? How high is staff sickness, headcount turnover, grievances and disciplinaries?
  • how appreciated do staff feel they are now?
  • what could be done to help staff to do the best they can? What needs to change?

Facilitation is a guided approach that allows difficult questions to be asked without emotions taking over. The sample questions above seek facts and evidence about a system with the intention of making plans to improve it. Add emotions (values and beliefs) to the mix, and the facts and evidence can become distorted. Perspective can be lost.

Strengthening team identity and performance: the TRIBE method

The TRIBE method was developed by the Centre for Team Excellence in conjunction with the University of Sussex and has been used to great effect with the Team GB Women’s Hockey Team (Olympic Gold medal winners, Rio 2016) and The Royal Marines. Their extensive research has shown that the stronger the team identity, in which ‘I’ and ‘We’ are synonymous, the greater the team performance. They identified five significant predictors of a strong team identity:

  • Tradition – what is the golden thread that holds us together?
  • Relevance – how meaningful is what we do today?
  • Identity – what makes us different and distinctive?
  • Belonging – what is the glue that bonds us together?
  • Effectiveness – how good are we at what we do?

Face Value uses the TRIBE method to facilitate the surfacing of team values and norms and to identify the values and behaviours that help strengthen the team identity. For more information about the process, please get in touch.