11 Sep

So you think you’re in control?

‘The Bandwagon Effect’.

The Bandwagon Effect is a phenomenon by which the rate at which people adopt beliefs or fads or accept something as true, regardless of the underlying evidence, increases in proportion to the number of people who have already accepted the same beliefs.

“Everyone else is doing this, there must be truth in it, so I’m going to do the same”…and hop aboard their bandwagon.

It is an effect of social conformity pressure. Nobody feels easy standing apart from the crowd (we crave social belonging). That’s made even harder if we then risk humiliation by questioning others’ actions…and being found to be wrong, perhaps? So much safer to go with the flow.

All it takes to manage this bias is to be brave enough to resist the temptation to join, raising a polite request to be shown the evidence and invite others to question it at the same time. To be objective is to step back from something and take a good look. Have courage of your convictions when thinking about joining the herd or not.