Find your way forward in 60 minutes

There are times when any of us can find ourselves stuck in a rut, faced by problems that won’t go away. Even just thinking about our problems can make them worse as our emotions cloud our thinking: loss of self-confidence, miscommunication, system errors at work, loss of focus, feelings of being overwhelmed, reluctance and hesitancy around change and ‘creative’ thinking, fear of failure. The totality of uncertainty, errors, accidents, technical difficulties and the unforeseen impacts individuals and organizations in the form of ‘friction’ that effects decisions, morale and action.

Imagine that you could find a way to reduce all this ‘friction’ and commit to taking your next step towards success – all in just 60 minutes.

That way ahead is 60 Minute Solutions from Face Value

A single, 60-minute session to concentrate on a single problem or challenge and refocus your mindset

78% of coachees said their challenges were significantly resolved after just one coaching session

Just one meeting allows the coachee to feel overall responsibility for their progress. This is ideal for those personalities who prefer to sort out problems themselves

A single, 60-minute commitment fits in with busy people’s lives, helping to make real progress when time is short

Everyone can benefit from reflective thinking space. One hour at £200 will not break the bank, but it may be the stitch in time that saves you more than it costs