Your Confidence Habit 16: No Time For Rumination

Rumination 1. A preoccupation with particular thoughts, usually of a highly distressing kind. 2. The chewing and swallowing of food that a person has regurgitated. When you fear that your self-confidence is about to abandon you, here’s one thing that you should definitely NOT do: Do not put your tongue up your nostril! Don’t be… Continue reading Your Confidence Habit 16: No Time For Rumination

Time to think…about boundaries

“Our soul is sometimes a king, and sometimes a tyrant. A king, by attending to what is honourable, protects the good health of the body in its care, and gives it no base or sordid command. But an uncontrolled, desire-fuelled, over-indulged soul is turned from a king into that most feared and detested thing –… Continue reading Time to think…about boundaries