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We can always do our best – in everything that we do – although we might not get the results we want.

What interferes with our best-laid plans and what can we do about it?

Performance = Potential – Interference

External interference

  • organization structure
  • resources
  • skills
  • qualifications
  • opportunity
  • other people and office politics

Internal interference

How you think, feel, and behave

These obstacles create ‘friction’, which is defined as the totality of uncertainty, errors, accidents, technical difficulties and the unforeseen and their effect on decisions, morale and action.’

What is causing the friction that is limiting your potential?

Pain and friction at work

Whatever friction or obstacles you are encountering at work, the search for a solution for bringing about the change you want begins with you.

Only once we understand how we think, feel, and behave as individuals can we begin to try to understand why other people, teams, and the wider organization operate the way they do.

Typical pains at the individual level

  • loss of self-control, self-confidence and self-belief
  • feeling overwhelmed; stress and burnout
  • dysfunctional pathological motives (victim, oppressor, etc)
  • fear of being found out (Imposter Syndrome)
  • constant fire-fighting; no time for strategic thinking
  • struggling with work-life balance; poor sleep and lifestyle
  • team engagement and talent retention headaches
  • worrying about career prospects while barely hanging on

Four more levels of dysfunction


– issues occurring between two people: ‘personality clashes’; role conflicts; power & ego struggles; misaligned values; disrespectful confrontation & communication; exacerbated by isolation through working from home (WFH).


– issues occurring within a team: individual psychological defensiveness impacting team dynamics; poor communication; weak team identity; leadership failure; lack of psychological safety (fear prevents team performance).

Pains and obstacles at work rarely involve only one individual.

Friction can be systemic and cultural and found at every level.


– issues occurring between teams within the same organization:

poor communication & minimal inter-team cooperation; misaligned purposes & objectives; low or zero psychological safety; power & ego struggles and toxic leadership.


– issues arising across the whole organization: a culture that lacks psychological safety (colleagues mistrust and lack respect for each other and feel unable to be candid); lack of clarity of vision, mission, and team objectives.

Thinking - emotionally and logically

All of Face Value’s services are based on the neuroscience of how we think, feel, and behave. It is important to accept that we think emotionally.

Keeping you alive is your brain’s No.1 priority, a skill that it has developed over several millions of years.

We act on impulse, continually looking out for dangers that are imminent, immediate, and immovable, and predicting how to handle them. We jump to conclusions and easily lose perspective.

Emotional thinking is tiring. Being alert or stressed all the time leads to heightened anxiety, reduced well-being, depression, and burnout.

How Face Value can help you

Face Value works with you across all levels within your organization to bring about effective change to maximize your potential for performance.

Individual & Interpersonal

– Leadership coaching

– Single-session coaching

– Psychometric profiling

– 3600 leadership feedback

– Self-confidence coaching

– S3 intensive coaching (see the S3 Programme)

Team & Inter-team

– Team coaching

– Team personality profiling

– Team dynamics

– Team ‘TRIBE’ identity

– Facilitation – for example:

– problems & solutions

– values & alignment

– communication

– vision, mission, objectives


– Keynote talks: motivation, behaviour, and leadership

– Training – for example:

– emotional management

– self-confidence (S3)

– assertiveness

– managing people

– well-being & resilience

– coaching & dialogue skills

Coaching isn’t just for executives

60 Minute Solutions is Face Value’s single-session coaching service. It does exactly what it says on the tin: one coaching issue in one session only.

  • Single-session coaching has evolved from therapy ‘drop-in’ clinics, which found that 78% of clients resolved their issues and challenges within just a single coaching session.


  • 60 Minute Solutions is ideal for time-poor individuals who would rather sort out their own problems, if they only had the time! It provides a safe space for a focused, guided exploration of an individual’s challenge and leads to action in a time-efficient way.
  • With no need for a protracted programme of sessions, 60 Minute Solutions is both an affordable and effective way for budget-strapped HR or L&D departments to help their people to maximize their potential for performance.

For more information about 60 Minute Solutions, scan the QR code or click here

S3 Self-Improvement Programme

Face Value’s S3 Programme is a 3-step approach to maximizing potential for performance by building on the three core elements of the self: self-control, self-confidence and self-efficacy.


Face up to your emotions

Anticipate challenging situations

Cope with the situation


Evaluate your motives

View the wider picture

Action your intentions


Lay the foundations of your success

Underpin your motivation

Embrace feedback objectively

  • The S3 Programme is designed for in-person or virtual delivery for up to 30 people.

  • Each session lasts 90 minutes (2 hours virtual) and is interactive.

For more information about the S3 Programme, scan the QR code or click here

About Face Value

I’m Glenn Mead…

…and I’ve been coaching and facilitating change since 2001.

My background in leadership development, occupational psychology, executive coaching, organization development and neuroscience gives me the skills and experience to help any client in any industry to maximise their potential for performance. I work with a small number of experienced associates, whom I’ve known for several years.

I have self-funded all the qualifications I need to be able to offer a professional and reliable service. These include: MBA (Open), MSc Occupational Psychology (Leics), ILM Level 7 Diploma Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring, BSc (Hons) Psychology, BA (Hons) Modern Languages (German and Russian).

My professional career includes 9 years as a commissioned officer in the British Army, reaching the rank of major by 30 years old and fulfilling roles as an HR Director/Company Secretary of an infantry battalion (1st Battalion The Green Howards) on operations in Northern Ireland and Bosnia-Herzegovina. I led the first-ever British Army expedition to Lake Baikal, the World’s largest freshwater lake, in Siberia, Russia in 1995, lasting 3 months.

After leaving the Forces, I held operations management roles in Ernst & Young, Cap Gemini and Accenture, before working for a number of boutique psychology consultancies, including Chimp Management, a company closely involved with various Team GB Olympic sports including cycling, swimming, taekwondo and canoeing.

I am supervised by an EMCC and ICF-accredited supervisor. I am also a qualified Mental Health First Aider, which compliments my skills workshops on managing stress and building resilience.

For my own wellbeing, I enjoy running, hill walking and real ale, occasionally combining all three by taking part in mountain marathons followed by a well-earned break in a local pub to refuel and recover. I enjoy reading history and biographies (as well as psychology, it goes without saying!), and I try to keep my German and Russian above the level of embarrassed British tourist asking for directions to the beach.

While Face Value Performance Psychology Limited supports Crisis and EthicalMuch each year, I remember what I’m grateful for.

Just a few of the organizations I've worked with...

Pegasus Planning Group

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